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iOS 7 Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Ashesh Shah - Sep 17, 2013

Leading up to last week’s Apple event and the unveiling of the iPhone 5s, the Internet may have led you to believe that “Android is better.” The…

Web Application Development
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Apple sues HTC over phones using Google software

Ashesh Shah - Mar 06, 2010

San Francisco: Apple Inc sued Taiwan's HTC Corp, which makes touchscreen smartphones using Google software, accusing it of infringing 20 hardware and software patents related to the…

Web Application Development
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iPhone set to surpass BlackBerry in mobile market

Ashesh Shah - Mar 06, 2010

Toronto: Apple's iPhone is set to overtake Research In Motion's BlackBerry in the global smart phone market by next year, according to Forbes online. Apple's iPhone is…

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