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Tablet Shipments To Grow 69.8% YoY To 197M Units In 2013, As PCs/Laptops Decline 7.3% To 315M Units

Ashesh Shah - Apr 15, 2013

Gartner has published its latest report with smart devices projections for smartphones, tablets, ultramobiles and PCs from 2012 to 2017, and it’s as clear picture as you can get…

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Google redesigns Play Store app with card-based interface

Ashesh Shah - Apr 12, 2013

The Play Store has never been the most attractive item in Google's Android app portfolio, but it's getting a major makeover today. As previously leaked, the redesign does…

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Amazon’s Smartphone is ‘Almost Ready

Ashesh Shah - Apr 08, 2013

Supply chain chatter out of Asia suggests that Amazon’s long-rumored smartphone is almost ready to begin mass production ahead of an anticipated early summer launch. According to…

Mobile Application Development
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Checkout Features Of walmart iPhone Apps

Ashesh Shah - Sep 04, 2012

WalMart is the world' largest retailer store and their stores have spread everywhere all over the world, Now they are testing one iphone app that will let…

Mobile Application Development
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Tips of Android Application Development

Ashesh Shah - Jul 17, 2012

Android application development has totally covered the market with its technology and features most of the people are likes using android technology in their smart phone.  And…

Mobile Application Development
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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features

Ashesh Shah - Feb 10, 2012

Google android is now become a most famous stand, as per different survey company this android mobile operating system is become more popular than apple iphone smartphone.…

Mobile Application Development
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Mobile app development

Ashesh Shah - Jan 09, 2012

Now a days mobile is just not a device of communication is become much more, smart phones has a long success story of the past two decades,…

Mobile Application Development
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Tips to choose expert android application developer for your android app projects

Ashesh Shah - Dec 31, 2011

There are lots of different kind of android apps are created and because of that the requirement of android application developer is also increasing very quickly. More…

Mobile Application Development
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Why HTML5 is the upcoming of Web Technology

Ashesh Shah - Dec 10, 2011

There are lots of new different technologies updating everyday in mobile and also on the web. You can ask any good web developer will tell you that…

Mobile Application Development
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Kindle App Development

Ashesh Shah - Nov 25, 2011

Since the beginning of the Amazon Kindle, not only has it develop into a new segment in technology but also Kindle development has enlarged and given the…

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