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Janelle Heslop awarded Switzer Fellowship

MIT graduate student is one of 20 to join the Switzer Foundation Network, which is committed to environmental change.

Read Blog | Source: MIT News | Sep 25 2018

Derek Straub: Shaping the future of additive manufacturing

Lincoln Laboratory's 3-D printing lead has been named to Manufacturing Engineering magazine's 30 Under 30 list.

Read Blog | Source: MIT News | Sep 25 2018

Microsoft, Adobe, SAP Launch Open Data Initiative

Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP will enable a common data model in a Microsoft Azure-based data lake that allows for interoperability of data among platforms from all three companies.

Read Blog | Source: InformationWeek: Cloud | Sep 25 2018

Honing quantum sensing

PhD student David Layden in the Quantum Engineering Group has a new approach to spatial noise filtering that boosts development of ultra-sensitive quantum sensors.

Read Blog | Source: MIT News | Sep 25 2018

Developing new ways to advance copper production

U.S. Department of Energy grant will support the Allanore lab's advancement of copper production from sulfur-based minerals.

Read Blog | Source: MIT News | Sep 25 2018

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